Friday, October 8, 2010

Re-Purposing old Fabric

Like many people, I have fabric left over from old projects. As long as one has room to store it properly, there's no problem keeping such items for possible future use. In this case, I had downsized from a big 3 level duplex into a smaller apartment, but loved the material I had made into curtains.
Several months ago I realized my car ceiling was coming loose, and it soon was hanging in shreds. Some investigation revealed that it would cost at least $300 to replace the "headliner" (as it's called) in my wagon. Since the car is 12 years old, and I plan to keep it a while longer, I decided to do it myself. That way, I could use the beautiful fabric I had in my closet, rather than sticking to the boring beige that came with the car. It's not like I'd get much trade-in on such an old vehicle anyways!!
I got instructions over the internet, and took my time over Labor Day Weekend so I wouldn't be rushed. It was a lot of work, but I'm thrilled with the result. I still have to finish details, like reinstalling the light fixtures, but I have quite a feeling of accomplishment, and more room in my closet. It's so much better to put the cloth to good use than to have it sitting in a bag on a shelf!

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